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Aby Muzik is the home of music, whether you are a musician or a music lover, you will feel your home here. If you love music, undoubtedly you will love us too.

Aby Muzik is the home for enchanting music with fastest growing members in this musical family. We here at Aby Muzik provide services such as lyrics writing, recording, dubbing, composing, programming, arrangement, editing, mixing, mastering, video production, singles publishing, albums publishing, music promotion, voice overs for advertisements, movies, television & animation etc.

Aby Muzik has dreams for all of you be it a young kid, an old friend of ours or the youth of our nation.

We have a dream for you... that you find your true love, someone who makes you a better person. A soul mate who can always challenge you, love you and we provide the perfect background music to sum it all up.

We have a dream for you... that you have the courage, determination, firmness & persistence to perform tasks that you choose, decide and resolve to perform & our music inspires you to do so.

We have a dream for you... that you discover a deep & abiding interior peace. The peace that comes from knowing that who you are and what you are and what you do is essentially good and makes sense & our music helps you all the way to approach it.

We here at Aby Muzik not just expect professionals to walk through our door but also amateurs who wish to grab an opportunity are welcomed. We provide professional guidance. We don't just show the way for emerging singers and musicians rather we walk down with them. And with proper guidance and polishing we even publish them with our own record label.

Abhay Gupta: The Founder

The visionary Abhay Gupta at a young age dreamt of ruling the music industry, but his quest for success didn't include himself alone, he realized there were many more like him, short of opportunities so instead if going on his way alone he created a platform in the name of Aby Muzik & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., for aspiring singers to dub artists, musicians, sound engineers and many more. He laid foundation to Aby Muzik in 2012 and since then there is no looking back its been one of the fastest growing musical family with fans not only loving it but also being a part of it.