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Not an album, no issues. Singles are also done and published with the same conviction by our Record Label and any time you change your mind and wanna integrate it to a full fledged album we are always there for you. You only need to have a single which is really different rest leave to us. From publishing to distribution to promotion everything.


Music has no limits so why do we restrict ourselves with the safe zone after exploring the regional zone and having the perfect team we proudly say we even exel in publishing regionl music albums. Be it Marathi, Bengali, Devotional, Bhangra, Ghazals, Qawwalies, Punjabi, Gujrati, Kannad or any other language. We are here to publish any regional music album worldwide and also to assist you in promoting your album.


Today in India, its easy to record a music album but publishing is a tough job. So, Aby Muzik as a Record Label, makes it easy for you to publish your music album digitally and physically worldwide. After publishing, we can also help you to reach your music to the world's audience.


Music videos can really help you to spread your music. Because, people love to watch. So, we can make the people to watch our music videos and at the same time to listen our music. To do so, you also need to publish your music video on such platforms which can bring more audience and viewers to watch your music video. So, we also provide music video publishing service to publish your music videos through our channel.


This era is known as the era of Internet. As there are various benefits of publishing music and videos online, so we also provide Digital publishing services. We publish your music through our record label on more than 1,500 online music stores like iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Nokia Music Store, Xbox music, Samsung Music Hub etc. and streaming sites like spotify, soundcloud, shazam etc. And we publish your videos on various platforms digitally.


This is our passion to produce and publish quality music. So, it does not matter whether you are producing a big budget movie or you are a new producer producing your first movie, you only need quality music, we will publish it across various channels through our record label digitally and physically and we will also promote it.