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Once you are done with your video, you are still not done. There might be shots which you would have taken twice or thrice or there could be scenes which are required to be trimmed or need effects to be added etc. So, here our expert Video Editors give their best to bring the best from the whole video shot to make your film, music video or ad the best.


Visual effects or VFX are required by most of the movies today. VFX are often integral to a movie’s story and appeal. Although most of it is done in post production but it must be planned accordingly and choreographed accordingly in pre-production and production process. So, at Aby Muzik you get your job done with optimal ease and perfection.


Colors often play an important role in the production of a film or a music video or a simple documentry. So we provide an epert team to play with colors for color grading process.


Your movie / video is unique but how can you justify it’s individuality ??? Well, we do so by film scoring it for you so all the coral pieces called cues are in the perfect order, making it all right. Background score is the soul of a film or video because without background score a video or film does not feel live, we make it live by adding a creative and unique score to it.


Catching up with the latest technology we provide 5.1 mixing expertise by our experienced audio engineers & adding your slight personal touch to make your movie truly yours. Our audio engineers study each scene and understand all the sounds and accordingly they mix your film to get the best possible mix.