Recording Studio in Thane | Music Recording Studio in Mumbai



Recording is the most important part in the complete sound production process. It is because what we get here, is used everywhere in the whole process. To get the best possible sound, we record it best and then move to mixing and mastering to polish the recorded track. At Aby Muzik, we record all kind of live acoustic instruments like drums, guitars etc. We also take dubbing of films and serials.


Once the raw file is ready it needs to be processed using variety of effects. From setting levels to equalization to frquency separation to addition of effects as electric bass or synthesizer we do it all. You just name it and we provide the best version of it. With the use of latest technology, our expert mixing engineers work hard in smart way to bring the sound which the world wants to hear.


Everybody wants that all the songs in a music album should have an equal level of volume so that the listener must not need to touch the volume knob everytime. At the same time the songs need to have the maximum posiible volume so that it should give enogh sound in any player or device. So, your final mix is ready, our mastering engineers assist you in getting it mastered in order to get it all for you.

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